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Product Manager

I'm a product manager living in Lemgo, a town near Bielefeld in North-Rhine Westphalia. At the moment I am running my own company Little Rock Online. At the moment I'm working with a team of five developers from all over the world on a larger project.

Product manager is the greatest job in the world, because it means you are working with many different people and you work on something that helps others with new or better products.

In my free time I like to read and write, listen to music or do sports outdoor or at home. But let's don't forget cooking and travelling. However, I never stop thinking about improvements or new products. As I already said, product manager is the greatest job and I'm living the job.

"I want to change the world. I am going to change the world!"

Project Theta

For the moment I am working with some developers on project Theta. The project is about credibility improvement in social networks and a brand-new recruiting system based on an algorithm I've written in 60 minutes on my last day before finishing my degree social sciences.

Our tech-stack will help to grow fast and applies technologies and approaches from larger tech-companies.So do we use node.JS for the back-end and react.JS for the front-end with Babel.JS as JS-compiler and ES6 for JS.

Some scripts will help us with the social graph, conversions and all. Tools to detect and notify us about errors are in-house developments from one of our developers.

The team consists of two guys from Morocco pursing their PhDs, a developer from Brazil, one from India and another one from San Francisco. I recruited them all.

All of them are currently working for free and like the vision behind Theta. We all like the experience to work in a team like this and know how valuable the time spent on improving ourselves with the project is.

One goal in my life

When the day has come and I have earned a fortune, I'd like to start up a company working on bio-computers. As I've mentioned on Medium, Twitter and other platforms I believe the future of computers lies in the human body.

Latest achievements in sciences have shown that it is possible to compute with bio-organisms while saving energy and being faster than a normal computer or while being as fast as a quantum-computer.

Connecting our bodies with computers will abolish screens as interfaces. Further more will our thoughts, will our minds be the tool to interact.

Design Experiment

This was just a design experiment after I got an idea while reading an article about the future of apps.

The idea, to give a summary, was a messenger that combines messengers for private use and for your job. Also does it support bots and mixes messengers with networking.

First I began sketching in my tiny-text book before I went to Balsamiq were I made the first drafts.

I continued with Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo to create the mockups and (with Photo) I created the perspectives. One day and I was done.

A piece of code from my first Ruby-project "Rocketry" turn = 10 else puts "Liftoff, we have liftoff!" height += speedup speedup +=5 * turn turn += 1 end else if accident > reliability

Project Dyo

Dyo was/is a mobile app project. Although I can't tell you too much about it, let summarize it with a social fashion-app.

Work began with a concept, a manual with formulas and design proposals, sketches, mockups for mobile and web, later I prepared a backlog and a prototype with Pixate.

I had the honor to work on the app with a former Apple-employee. Unfortunately did a mistake I made end our cooperation. But he was a good mentor.

The team formed around the project is ready to work, but as long as there's no funding, we can't start working.

A beautiful piece of code

	def euclidean_distance(vector1, vector2)
	sum = 0 do |v1, v2|

	component = (v1 - v2)**2
	sum += component


MensaPay for Apple Watch

This was a project for a Human-Computer-Interaction (HCI) class I attended at the university. Students had to concept and prototype an app for Apple Watch.

MensaPay was made to make paying for your food in the university canteen faster and easy through NFC-chips, a checkout and sensors next to the food tables.

Here I've been responsible for the idea, concept, prototyping and design. The prototype was made with Axure.

It was my first project with a smartwatch and a challenge to find out how to reduce the app to the most important features you'll need while dropping unnecessary stuff. A rule I tried to apply was Marissa Mayer's two-tap-rule.

The initial idea behind Vinidra

I always liked LinkedIn, which is now a part of Microsoft, and so did I see an opportunity to work on improvements for the world's largest business network.

With our plan to create a working prototype I wanted to apply at LinkedIn for a job or at least an internship in product management. Unfortunately all applications weren't successful.

However, if LinkedIn will every knock on my door, I can hardly say 'no'.


Vinidra was a project I've worked on with a friendly developer. The idea behind Vinidra was to improve LinkedIn because the network with lack quality with every user spamming, troubling and trashing or trying to collect more contacts.

With an algorithm we used to change the network. This algorithm that I've designed let users recommend each other, but gave established, trusted users in higher classes more voting-power than users in lower classes or new users. So we avoided a tank-rush through new signups and made collecting more contacts less counting than your class and the support from the community.

A limited tech-stack and a two-man team with no design experience were some of the reasons that Vinidra failed. The name itself was another one.

But my university, Bielefeld University, used the network for a class, because integrated in the network was an intranet for companies and groups to manage tasks, communicate with each other and upload files.

The Franklin Journal

FJ was a news project and wanted to offer news from any point of view to interested readers and help a group to understand the opinion of their opposites.

With the same developer as on the Vinidra project FJ used PHP and MySQL and had an UI similar to Feedly.

Every registered user was allowed to write own articles. Other users again would rate it up or down, recommend and share it.

Controversy was an interesting aspect because we wanted to increase the level of interaction. Unfortunately it failed.

Below you can see my redesign drafts for The Franklin Journal.

The Gezi-Success

During the Gezi-protests in Turkey 2013 The Franklin Journal gained around 3000 unique visitors in a single month.

We didn't spend a single penny on marketing, but used Twitter and Facebook to spread our articles that people retweeted and shared.

It was a huge success, but Gezi gained too much space for a page that wanted to be a news-platform for everyone and everything.

Teaching a GS VP

A funny episode was the day when I taught a former Goldman VP about US Federal Law. He ran a fantasy sports project similar to ours, but for real money.

I already knew the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) regulating illegal gambling and allowed fantasy sports. So I told him that he's unwillingly acting unlawful.

He agreed and his team made the necessary changes. Unfortunately the company ceased its operations months later.

Red Moose

A red moose as the opposite to the bull for rising markets - and a shark for bearish markets. Trading sports like stocks was the idea behind Red Moose. The platform was made to change wagering money on sports.

Starting with a Polish developer in Ireland, Red Moose was developed using Ruby on Rails 3 and PostgreSQL. Later, after facing problems with the host, the exchange used PHP and MySQL.

There we used cronjobs and traded stocks from clubs of the German Bundesliga for virtual money on every matchday. It was fun, but not simple enough, although some rookies know how to trade.

It was my first big project. And from time to time I work on it for fun. I replaced the cronjobs and installed a trigger for every time a user sends an order. Later I'd like to add an algo-trader.


I graduated from Bielefeld University in 2014 and hold a B.A. in Social Sciences. Although I'm done with studying, currently I'm enrolled in Mathematics and Text-Technology and like to spend time there if I am not busy at work. It's always good if you are willing to learn something new. So did I pursue other certificates and used edX.

  • Financial Analysis and Decision Making (edX/Tsinghua University, 2014)
  • Sabermetrics 101: Intro to Baseball Analytics (edX/Boston University, 2014)
  • Entrepreneurship 101: Who's your customer? (edX/MIT, 2015)
  • Applications of Linear Algebra 1 & 2 (edX/Davidson College, 2015)
  • Networks, Crowds & Markets (edX/Cornell University, 2015)
  • Artificial Intelligence (edX/UC Berkeley, 2015)
  • Explore Statistics with R (edX/Karolinska Institutet, 2015)
  • Introduction to Cloud Computing (edX/IEEE, 2015)

More about me

Of course my life doesn't always pivot around product management (but I wouldn't say no). I was engaged in politics, became the vice-chairman of the local chapter of our youth group and became a member of my party's faction in city parliament and later I was a delegate in our county's party convention. But I'm not a local patriot. I always say that my true home is Northern America. For good reasons.

Another hobby is reading and writing. Books I prefer are economic and historical books. I read about startups and tech-companies, former oil-fortunes and hedge fund managers. And I write. I've written a novel called "Nowinka!" and published a short sci-fi story called "Oculus Government".

Travelling is a hobby, too. I have spent many months in the USA (and saw a Space Shuttle launch in 1998) and Canada, visited many countries from Mexico to Russia, from Great Britian to the United Arab Emirates. Meeting people from other cultures is fine to understand the world.

But what I really like is music. I am listening to music very often and I have an extraordinary taste. So do I listen to the Turkish ska-punk group Athena and Israeli Mashina. If I want to calm down I like the Russian group DDT and Yuri Shevchuk. Generally I am listening to everything from country to jazz, rock to pop. And always on my phone's disk: Jefferson Airplane.

Coding Skills









Data Analysis




Proj. Mgnt.






Dsgn. Thinking


Further skills in Ruby, Python, R and Stata.

Familiar with Windows, macOS (OSX), Linux, Android and iOS.

Advanced in Affinity Photo and Designer (+Adobe equivalent), Sketch, Axure, Pixate and Git (Github and Bitbucket)

Knows of Twitter Bootstrap, Base, Skeleton

Codes with Notepad++ and Sublime 2


English (bilignual proficiency)

German (native)

Spanish (basics)

Italian (basics)

Work Permits

Authorized to work within the European Union and Switzerland